Your INAPOD custom order will usually take between *12-14 weeks to arrive at your location.   (*Lead times may vary due to product options, overseas supplier lead times and potential shipping delays.)


We offer free shipping for all INAPOD orders to your specified delivery address in mainland United States of America.

Once you’ve placed your INAPOD order, we’ll send you a confirmation email, together with a required pre-delivery form to complete and return, together with an estimated time of arrival.  After that, we’ll send you regular updates on your order’s shipping status via email.  Our Third-Party* delivery partners will connect in advance of your delivery arrival time to confirm all the details.  (*You understand and agree that we are not responsible for any errors by such third-party services providers.)

You can also check the status of your order by contacting us at   If you need to make any changes to the delivery date/time, please let us know as soon as possible.


Shipping and on-site* delivery of your INAPOD order will be at no cost to you and if you decide to perform your own professional assembly, our shipping involves free delivery to the sidewalk only by the truck driver at your premises. (*Please note, orders requiring delivery outside of regular business hours and/or orders where there are difficulties accessing the premises location will incur additional charges as determined by the delivery contractor.  Any orders that are subject to additional charges will be invoiced prior to scheduling.)

It is up to you to transport the unit into your office and unpack and assemble. 

It is recommended that you have your assembly team ready to perform this function with the suitable tools and sack trucks to assist taking the timber crate from the sidewalk to your office.  In some cases, because of the large size of the crate, you may need to unpack outside your office.

If you would like assistance in finding a professional technician to assemble your INAPOD, we’d be happy to help.  Simply complete the Request a quotation for assembly form